5 Workouts to Take on Holiday with You

While holidays are most definitely a time to unwind and relax from your usual routine, incorporating a little movement into your day can make your holiday experience even better. Even just 10-20 minutes each day can keep you on track with your exercise routine and goals, and help you feel energised and balanced.

5 Workouts to Take on Holiday with You

Why exercise while holidaying?


1. Boost Your Mood: Starting your day with a quick Pilates workout will release feel-good endorphins and set a positive tone for the day ahead.


2. Stay Energised: Travelling can be tiring. Flights, sightseeing and a different routine and sleep environment can leave you feeling drained. A short Pilates sequence will help boost your energy levels and give you stamina to make the most of your holiday adventures.


3. Stretch Your Body: Whether you've been sitting on a plane, train or in a car, your body often becomes stiff when travelling. Pilates focuses on flexibility and core strength, helping to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting or inactivity.


4. Maintain Balance: Holidays often involve a lot of indulgence. While it’s important to treat yourself, maintaining a balance with some physical activity can prevent feelings of sluggishness and help you return home feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.


Our Go-To Holiday Workouts


Holiday workouts have to be low admin. Mostly standing. Minimal equipment. Just open up your phone and move. Otherwise they likely won't happen!


Here are my top 5 workouts to do on holiday that tick these boxes:

  1. Lean Legs 13
  2. Full Body Bands
  3. Sculpt
  4. Toned Arms 23
  5. Arm and Leg Sculpt 5

You can find our full collection of On–The–Go Workouts on the online Studio, available to purchase independently of a PBB Membership. This series of workouts can be done any time, any place with minimal equipment. The classes are primarily standing and kneeling, so you may not even need a mat. Keep up your workout routine on-the-go, stay fit and confident while holidaying this year!

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