How to Fit in Exercise as a New Mum

We know the thought of exercising after giving birth can be daunting. Your body has been through a lot and you deserve time and space to rest and recover. Exercise should be a positive experience, and we want to help you create an environment within which you're happy and confident to move.

How to Fit in Exercise as a New Mum

Ease Into It


Firstly, make sure you've been given the all clear from your physio or doctor at your 6-8 week check-up. Then, begin your postnatal Pilates journey with light, rehabilitative movements that help to reconnect your abdominal muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor safely. Aim for 10-20 minutes of movement each day for at least a couple of weeks before increasing the duration or intensity. Try our Core & Pelvic Floor series as a starting point.


Temper Your Expectations


Set yourself up for success with realistic exercise goals. Think short, targeted classes that you don't even need to leave the house for. Pop bubby down for a nap, roll out your mat, and move. It can be that simple. No gym commute. No babysitters. No activewear even! Movement at home can also be a whole lot cheaper than a gym or studio membership.


Move Daily


It's been proven that even at your most tired, exercise will help to energise your body and revive your mind. Move your body to oxygenate your muscles, release tight joints, and perhaps even find some mental clarity. In saying that, don't be hard on yourself. If you're absolutely knackered, just aim for a 10-minute quickie class. Any movement is better than no movement.


Claim Back Your Time


It can feel like 99.9% of your time and energy is poured into nurturing your precious baby. Exercise is one way to reclaim some time and energy back for yourself, which can be game-changing to your wellbeing in the sensitive postpartum period. Put a little time aside to exercise, take your mind off your baby's needs, and regain a sense of yourself pre-motherhood.


Start Here


Pilates By Bel's specialised 4-week Postnatal Plan has been designed to help you ease back into light yet productive movement. You will reconnect your abdominal muscles, strengthen your pelvic floor, stretch those tighter spots, and find overall balance. The ultimate goal of this movement plan is to leave you feeling strong, toned, and confident to continue exercising.


All PBB Postnatal Pilates Classes focus on core strength, which impacts every movement you make, as well as your overall posture, stability, and balance. 


PBB Mums


"I found the postnatal series incredibly rewarding to complete, a great balance between recovery and the challenge of re-strengthening. Once finished I felt strong enough to move past postnatal classes and back into my pre pregnancy regime. Highly recommend!" – Penny


"Pilates By Bel classes have helped me regain a lot of the core strength I lost after having two kids and I feel stronger every week. Love Annabel!" – Preeti


"PBB workouts have seen me through pre-and post-natal phases, and it has truly been a joy to use these classes to get back some time for me with the chaos of a child. I’ve never enjoyed working out as much as I do with Pilates By Bel." – Anna


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