Meet a Member: Katelyn

Meet a Member is our blog series dedicated to inspiring Pilates By Bel members who have experienced the benefits of a regular PBB practice – both physically and mentally.

Meet a Member: Katelyn

How long have you been doing Pilates By Bel for and how has it impacted you?


About 1 year. It’s been a total game changer for me. I’ve tried so many different class types at expensive gyms but nothing has made me feel as strong and toned as Pilates does.


Fave PBB exercises?



The full body classes of about 20-30 minutes. There’s no messing around – straight into the burn for 20 minutes and you always come away feeling like you’ve had a good workout. So easy to fit into the day which means I keep them up regularly. I’ve loved the recent Sculpt classes too – good to get the heart rate up!


Advice to anyone unsure but online Pilates?



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