Meet a Member: Claudia

Meet a Member is our blog series dedicated to inspiring Pilates By Bel members who have experienced the benefits of a regular PBB practice – both physically and mentally.

Meet a Member: Claudia

How long have you been a Pilates By Bel member?


I started doing Pilates with Bel in-studio in 2020. As soon as the COVID pandemic struck, I immediately started Pilates By Bel online classes. Initially, the thought of being unable to stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic left me feeling anxious. However, once I started participating in online classes, my perspective shifted entirely. These virtual sessions showed me the convenience and effectiveness of online workouts. Now, wouldn't trade them for anything else.


How has Pilates By Bel impacted you?


Participating in Pilates By Bel has profoundly impacted how I perceive and move within my body. PBB Pilates classes leave me feeling amazing. I notice an improvement in my core strength, as well as a sense of lightness and toning in my legs. The workout leaves me with a big smile that lasts throughout the day. Even just 10 to 15 minutes of PBB into my daily morning routine, sets a positive tone for the day ahead.


Fave PBB exercises & workouts?


This is a very hard question, but I must say the booty and abs workouts are simply phenomenal. What I love most is the variety in each video – there's always a new and dynamic exercise to keep things exciting.


My preferred category on PBB is the 30-minute workout session. These sessions seamlessly fit into my morning routine before I begin my workday, and I find them to be incredibly effective.


Additionally, I'm thrilled to have recently started exploring the prenatal PBB category. I'm excited about starting this next fitness journey with Bel, and I can't wait to experience the benefits it will bring during this special time.


What makes the PBB experience for you?


I enjoy following a structured program on a dedicated platform rather than random YouTube videos. It provides a sense of consistency and progression that helps me stay motivated.


Advice to anyone unsure but online Pilates?


I would highly recommend taking the leap to an online Pilates subscription. My experience with Pilates By Bel has been transformative. The positive impact on my mood and energy levels is undeniable, and even just dedicating a short time each morning to the routine sets a positive tone for the entire day. Investing in an online Pilates subscription can truly be a game-changer for your physical and mental wellbeing.


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