Meet a Member: Claire

Meet a Member is our blog series dedicated to inspiring Pilates By Bel members who have experienced the benefits of a regular PBB practice – both physically and mentally.

Meet a Member: Claire

How long have you been a Pilates By Bel member?


I first started Pilates by Bel around six months ago when I trialled the postnatal classes. These were the perfect reintroduction to exercise!


How has Pilates By Bel impacted you?


Pilates has helped with both my strength and flexibility. I find a daytime class is also a perfect mental reset. 


Fave PBB exercises & workouts?


Too many to choose from! I love the variety and the fact I can pick a different focus or length class depending on my day/energy levels.


I try to do a couple of classes per week and mix up full body with focused classes. A Sunday stretch class always feels good too!


Advice to anyone unsure but online Pilates?


The only advice I can give is to go for it! I’d previously doubted whether an online workout could be as good as an in-person class but PBB is incredibly challenging with the added bonus of being able to be done anywhere/anytime. I could not recommend these classes more.


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