Meet a Member: Anna

Meet a Member is our blog series dedicated to inspiring Pilates By Bel members who have experienced the benefits of a regular PBB practice – both physically and mentally.

Meet a Member: Anna

How long have you been doing Pilates By Bel?


I started doing PBB live classes in 2020 during the Covid lockdowns, when home workouts and baking were all we could do. I must admit I was initially intimidated by how hard the classes were (and spent a lot of time huffing and puffing on the floor with my camera off). Since then I have had two pregnancies and PBB has seen me through postpartum with my first; I loved the relaxed style of the live Mums & Bubs classes, and the convenience of the online classes when I got a spare moment to move while my daughter napped. I have more recently been a private client of Annabel's. This level of personalisation has been amazing for my progression and discipline and has enabled me to keep moving consistently throughout my second pregnancy (right up to 40 weeks).


How has Pilates By Bel impacted you?


PBB has strengthened, toned and lengthened my body and has given me confidence, particularly post-partum, when I really couldn't have felt more out of touch with, and uncomfortable in, my own body. It has allowed me to exercise in a way that feels targeted and thoughtful for where my body is at (especially when running or high intensity workouts have felt inappropriate or out of reach). Most importantly, being consistent with PBB has brought me mental clarity and satisfaction that has, without a doubt, been critical to my recovery from postnatal anxiety and depression after my first baby.


Fave PBB exercises?


I love a squat / lunge set for a heart raiser, a (not-to-be-underestimated) clam / leg lift set for targeted glute and thigh toning. You can't beat PBB Toned Arms sets for extremely efficient (5 mins!) and effective toning of shoulders and upper arms!


Fave PBB classes?


At the moment its prenatal and soon will be postnatal to rebuild my core and pelvic floor.


Advice to anyone unsure but online Pilates?


Go for it! A PBB subscription is perfect either to supplement your existing exercise regime or if you are starting from basics in Pilates. Having such a huge range of classes accessible on-demand makes consistent exercise achievable. For me, being consistent has accelerated my results and given me a continued drive to come back for more!


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